Witcher 3 Console Commands

Witcher 3 Console Commands – Witcher 3 is not any ordinary game. It is as tough as you can imagine to find its competition. The biggest aspect of the game is that it’s amazingly huge. One may spend some time playing the game, thinking it must be about to get over. But at least after 50 hours, one realizes that it is very huge.

The game isn’t for a person who wants to go minding about his own business in the game world. You will have to make some dirty moves and all these are going to come with some consequences.

The game has a very strange interface and gameplay. Sometimes you think you are being a good person, but you may be turning out to be devil. Sometimes your devilish deeds can be useful to others and make you a good person.

In this article, we will discuss the console commands of the game. These commands are frequently used and hard to remember all. So, this article will always help you refer if you forget any of it. Here we go.

Witcher 3 Console Commands

Here is the list of all the basic console codes that are used in the game frequently.

Player commands

  • God: It enables the Godmode and makes one invincible.
  • Healme: Refills geralt’s HP bar.
  • Ciri: The command changes the character to ciri.
  • Geralt: Reverses the player character to geralt.

Character commands

  • Setlevel (#) : This will set your characters level.
  • Levelup: Increases the level by one
  • Addexp: Adds more experience
  • Learnskill (#): Learns a specified skill.
  • Cat (#): #=1, activates night vision. #=0, disable night vision.

Inventory commands

  • additem(name,#): Adds the designated item to the inventory.
  • Addmoney: Adds more crowns.
  • Removesmoney: removes number of crowns

Game commands

  • spawn(name, #): spawns specified amount of NPCs.
  • Killall: Kills all enemies in the combat.
  • Makeitrain: Stormy weather
  • Stoprain: Stormy weather stalls.

Map commands

  • goto(place): Lightning speed travel to that place. Eg.- gotoNovigrad
  • ShowAIIFT(1): Discover all signposts.
  • ShowPins(1): Show all areas and icons on the map.

GWENT Commands

  • Secretgwint: Play a round of Gwent in instant.
  • winGwint(#): Win the ongoing Gwent game with certain powerpoints.
  • Addgwintcards: It will add one Gwent card to your deck.

These are the Witcher 3 Console Commands that you need to unlock the unlimited potential of the game. If you need any more tips you can always visit the Wiki section of the website.

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