Town of Salem: List of Roles

Town of Salem: List of Roles – Town of Salem is a role playing game, that was developed by Blank Media Games. The game revolves around a town called Salem where there are three different kinds of people. First kind are the Town people, second are the Mafia and third are the neutrals. The Town people are the good ones and they are trying to track down the Mafias in the game. You must track them down and along with them other villians before they kills you. The Mafia and others are villainous and want to kill you.

The game is not as simple as it may sound. You don’t know who is who in the game. So, you have to go through the game and lie without getting caught and detect other people’s lies. Your lie needs to be convincing for you to move on.

Town of Salem: List of Roles

There are a lot of other things to the game. Like, if you become a serial killer. You will have to murder the other townies in the veil of the dark nights. You must be careful that you don’t get caught.

Since, there is randomization and you can be put into any role, you may not even want. So, in this article we will try to cover all the roles. You will be able to understand all the characters. Also, you will learn how to use them effectively which is very important.

Mafia Roles

  • Blackmailer – Nobody ever knows how the blackmailer does his job and get away with it. But it is his job to keep everyone under his radar and be effective at it.
  • Consigliere – In this role, you will investigate a person each night. He is a very popular detective who knows his way through the job.
  • Consort – Consort is all alone in the world, without a family or anyone to tend to. She finds salvation in the world of organized crime and joins the Mafia of the town.
  • Disguiser – The character can disguise like anyone and no one will ever know if you are careful. You can be the sheriff or any other authority of the town.
  • Framer – These people can target anyone in a matter of night and make them look like convicts from the Sheriff reports.
  • Godfather – The organized crime leads to a center. And at the center sits the Godfather. He is the mastermind of everything that happens in the Mafia world of the town.
  • Janitor – The Janitors of the town aren’t your usual janitors. They don’t clean drains, they clean up evidence from the murders and dead bodies.
  • Mafioso – They are like the dogs of the Godfather. They don’t have any such power. All they do is follow orders and kill in the name of orders.

Town Members

  • Bodyguard – They are knights of the town. There job is to protect the townies. If they are protecting anyone and the person is a target. Those who targeted him/her will die.
  • Doctor – Doctor is a very important man in the town. If doctor selects a person to protect that person won’t die in the town. It could be from the town or the Mafia.
  • Escort – Escort cna distract any killer and stop them from acting in the night to kill someone. They can block anyone except for the serial killer.
  • Investigator – It is investigator’s job to find the roles of people. He can investigate a person every night to narrow down the criterias.
  • Jailor – Jailor can keep anyone in the Jail for a night and investigate them for the night. He can kill them if he suspects them for being evil.
  • Lookout – They help in investigation. They watch a person in the night and see who they visit to narrow down the investigation.
  • Mayor – Being the Mayor may sound boring at times. They have the ability to reveal themselves so everyone know what they are working on.
  • Medium – Medium is more like sorcerer. They can speak to the dead people at night. And can speak to the living once they die.
  • Retributionist – They have the power of reviving someone from the graveyard. But if the mafia comes to know about them, they are instantly targeted.
  • Sheriff – They investigate a person each night. In order to know about everybody’s roles.
  • Spy – They have the ability to listen in to private conversations. They can also hear Mafia talk at night.
  • Transporter – The character lynches every criminal he sees. Also, he needs to transport citizens without questioning them.
  • Veteran – They shoot people regardless of whoever they are.
  • Vigilante – Their job is to take justice in their own hands. They kill whoever they want on their own wishes.

These are all the Roles in the Game we call Town of Salem. Do let us know if you have anything more to add.

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