Terraria NPC List & All NPC Requirements

Terraria NPC List Guide – Terraria is a 2-D video game. It is based in a sandbox, developed by Re-logic. The gameplay interface of Terraria consist of – Crafting, building, combat with a variety of creatures. The game is very popular amongst the current video games.

Terraria NPCs Guide

NPCs (Non-player characters) are the friendly residents who are living in your town. They sell materials and devices that can be super-helpful to you. Anyone from the NPCs who is a vendor, can also buy items from you.

Anyone who can sell can buy. And you cannot decide the price of the items. You will have to sell it to them at the same price of the market cost.

There are a total of 21 residents allowed in the town. So it is better if you make some extra room. The NPCs can move in throughout the year as long as you give them valid housing.

Some of the NPCs will just move in, once there certain requirements are met by your housing facilities. Other NPCs spend time exploring the various underground areas before moving in.

Some NPCs will require you to defeat the Wall of Flesh and enable Hardmode. The NPC list’s purpose in this article is to prepare you beforehand any extra person moves in. This willl help you have enough room whenever needed.

Situations when NPCs are killed.

In the situations when NPCs are killed. They will respawn probably the next day, and if there requirements are being met, they will again move in to the resident.

If the NPC that was killed was an underground explorer, then you will have to fulfill their requirements as earlier. Once they are, they will move in.

It is a better option to avoid fights between NPCs. These fights can lead to massive killings which will take time to recover.

Terraria NPC List

The foremost thing is to always have an open house, so all kinds of NPCs can move in when they want. It is hard to understand the timely based requirements of NPCs. So, this list will help you in this adventure.

Normal NPCs
NPC TypeTask/Thing They SellHow To Get The NPC To Move In
The GuideProvides Tips, Shows Crafting requirements.Is there when you start, will need a house to respawn if killed.
MerchantSells Utility SuppliesHave 50 Silver Coins saved up. Sells Marshmallows if he lives in Snow Biome
NurseProvides healing at a cost.Merchant moved in, player has found and used at least 1 Life Crystal to have more than 100 Life.
DemolitionistExplosive MaterialsHave an Explosive in your inventory and only after Merchant moves in.
Arms DealerSells AmmoBullets or a Gun in inventory
DryadSpreading Biome Items, PlantersBeat a boss, just not King Slime. More like Eye/Brain of Cthulu or Eater of Worlds
Dye TraderDye ItemsBeat a boss and have a dye item in inventory. On PC, finding a Strange Plant will do.
PainterPaint/ToolsHave 8 other NPCs in Town
AnglerGives Fishing QuestsPC Only. Found near Ocean Biome on either side of the world.
StylistSells Hair Dyes, can change stylePC Only. Find and free her from a Spider Nest Underground.
Goblin TinkerReforge Items, Sells Tinkerer’s Workshop and some gadgets.See linked Guide. Only moves in after Goblin Invasion, which has its own requirements.
Witch DoctorSells Imbuing Station (for Flasks) and Summoner items (later in hard-mode)Defeat Queen Bee. Move him in a Jungle Biome to buy Leaf Wings
ClothierSells vanity itemsKill Skeletron. He’s the old man with the curse. You can re-summon Skeletron by holding his Voodoo Doll and killing him.
MechanicSells wires and wrenches to place them and other mechanismsFind her in the Dungeon after beating Skeletron
Party GirlSells confetti, fireworks and visual items like thatAfter 14 NPCs live in your world, she may Spawn.
Hard Mode NPCs
NPCSells/DoesWhat’s Required to Move In
TruffleSells mushroom items and the autohammer to make ShroomiteUse Mushroom Grass Seeds to make an above-ground Mushroom Biome and build a house there
WizardSells Crystal Ball, magical items and materialsFound in the Cavern Layer once in Hard Mode
SteampunkerClentaminator (change Biomes), Jet Pack, and crafting for Asphalt RoadsDefeat one of the Mechanical Bosses.
PirateSells Pirate stuff…Destroy one Altar with the Pwnhammer and defeat a Pirate Invasion, which has a small chance of happening each day. Summon one with a Pirate Map found from creatures in the Ocean Biome
Tax CollectorEarns passive money based on how many NPCs live in townPC only. Use Purification Powder sold by the Dryad on a Tortured Soul in the Underworld.
CyborgSells gadgets and rocketsMoves in after Plantera is defeated
Santa ClausSells Santa cosmetics and Christmas decorMoves in from Dec. 15-31. You can change your device’s clock to con the game into loading him, but it’s not worth it in my opinion.

Thanks to CarlsGuides, SteamCommunity Guides and Gamepedia for the list.

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