Stardew Valley Winter Time Guide – Tips And Things To Do

Stardew Valley: Winter time – Stardew valley is a simulation of a rural farming life. The game is designed by the developer ‘ConcernedApe’. The game consists of a player inheriting his/her grandfather’s land in the Pelican town.

Winter time in the game is thought of as a bad period. The winter will block you from planting massive crops. It will put a halt on your income.

It is better that rather than being bored in the winter time you can do a few things. You can prepare for a shooting spring and explore other gameplay options.

Stardew Valley: Winter Time

In this article, we will discuss a list of things that one can do in the winters. The list will also help you in preparing to shoot up your income in spring.

Winter preparations

If you have animals, then:

Having animals during winter could be hard. It is hard to take their good care. If you have animals, then you will have to make a few necessary arrangements. Foremost will include, keeping enough food for the animals.

You need to ensure that your Silo is full to last your animals through winter. Your Silo can hold up to 240 Hay.

Another thing that you may consider is to get a heater from Marnie’s. A heater will cost you around 2000G. But it is a sound investment. It will help you keep your animals happy in winters. Happy animals will produce better products.

Money on hand

Money is needed, but not at the start of the winters, rather at their end. You will need money once the Spring is about to start. There won’t be any expenditures in the winter unless you plan to expand your farm.

But once the Spring begins, you will need money to buy the things required. You will want to have enough cash on you to buy the seeds you need.

Winter Foraging bundles

This is a very important aspect of the Winter period. Completing the winter foraging bundle is as more worthy than anything else. To complete the bundle, you will have to dig up the dirt with your hoe on the roads and other pathways.

This digging will help you find the 2 items that are difficult to find. There are a total of 4 items. 2 items are easily found but the other need to be dug out.

Once you find all the 4 items, you will receive 30 winter seeds from the crafts room of the community centre.


Fishing is as profitable as ever in the Winter season. The fishing activity is never affected by any of the seasons. To add on to it, it only changes for better in touch season. Winter season brings into the water bodies some of the rare fishes.

Fishing is mostly the main money maker during the winters. As nothing else is much possible in the season. One can always go fishing either during the night or in the afternoon. Depending on the rare fish, one may find it at some time.

So, these are some of the activities and preparations that a farmer can do at Winter time. There are a few other things that a player can do. They can do things like – Harvest fruit, Mining, make friends, sell animal products etc. So, although winter is not very good still it has its uses.

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