Stardew Valley Fishing Guide: How to Catch a Fish

Stardew Valley Fishing Guide: How to Catch a Fish – Stardew valley is a game designed by the developer called ‘ConcernedApe’. The game consists of a player entering into a place called Stadrew valley. The story speaks of Stadrew valley as a place where the player has inherited the land from his Grandfather to farm upon.

The game gives importance to a lot of aspects, such as Farming, Fishing and provides a player with a lifestyle of a rural living. The game allows customization of kinds. The customization lets you make changes to the Farm and to the character yourself.

Stardew Valley Fishing Guide: How to Catch a Fish


Fishing in the Stardew valley is probably the most difficult of the tasks. It is hard to understand how the Fishing aspect of the valley works. So, it is not suitable for the beginners and at times they tend to be discouraged by the failure.

In this article, we will try to understand the basics of the Minigame. The article will help the beginners understand how to catch the right wish rightly.

How to catch a fish

Cast a line

The first task consists of casting a line in the ocean. You need to head over to the ocean, lake, pond or river anywhere. Then you need to press the action button. The fuller the meter will be, further away the line will go. Once the meter fills, press the button the second time.

Once you do that, the line will be thrown to the water body. The food will attract the fish depending upon the different area it lands in. Further out of the land, the rate gets higher to catch a fish.

Wait for a hit

Now you will usually get a hit in almost 10 seconds. You will realize that you a have a hit through the visual indications and the sounds. Once you are alarmed, the game starts. Sometimes you won’t even catch a fish, you’d just get a seaweed. So, it is better to be prepared.

How to get the fish after the hit

This the real objective of the game. Once you get a hit, the meter will start its dynamics. Your task is to keep the fish inside the green box. The green box is absolutely in your control but not the fish.

The fish will move up and down rapidly. You will have to tap on the action button to keep the box aligned. The box needs to be perfectly aligned with the fish. Once another meter on the side of the Green box is filled to the top. You will get the fish.

It takes time to adjust to the rhythm of the play. Once you get adjusted to it, catching a fish won’t seem like a hard task at all.

If you are a beginner don’t be discouraged. Just keep on working your skill. Your skills will improve as you play the game more. Once you reach the higher levels, the rod will get better and catching would become easier.

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