Sites Like CouchTuner

Sites Like CouchTuner – The internet is now flooded with sites like Couchtuner. Couchtuner is not just a streaming site for users, it has become more like a convenience. It is considered as the best site to stream into new movies and watch them for free.

Millions of users, all across the planet tune into Couchtuner to watch videos and movies. But now the problem with these free video streaming sites is that they fry up a lot of times. You never know when you feel like a watching a movie and the site is down.

Best Sites Like CouchTuner

In this article, we are here to discuss the alternatives to sites like Couchtuner for video streaming. There are a lot of other sites are out there which provide this facility. We will discuss the best alternatives to Couchtuner. One can always shift from one to another.

The Dare TV

This is the first one in the list. ‘The Dare TV’ has certainly bagged itself as the first runner up after Couchtuner. The site has never disappointed its users. The dare in the name is known to dare the user to not get addicted. Because once you use it, you certainly will get addicted to it.

The Dare TV is tended more towards TV series rather than movies. This is to give you watchers a heads up. Although, it has a great collection of movies too. The prime focus of the site remains on the TV shows.

In all other aspects, the site is exactly like Couchtuner. It does not make users go through any sort of sign  up process before accessing it. One can access the site for free. Although, if one wishes to mark the favorites, one will have to make an account.


People have been underestimating TubiTV as alternative to Couchtuner for a long time. These people are presumptuous and they have not used the site before. TubiTV is a great place to stream videos online.

This site is like a complete playlist of all time favorite movies. The site consist of all the greats classic movies and your favorite TV shows and series. There is no lag in the site, more or less, and the stream is frictionlessly smooth.

Like Couchtuner, one must register themselves on TubiTV to use the website. Registration is absolutely and free and so is the streaming of the videos. But the registration is compulsory.

The site also has an app for both android and iOS. It is a great deal for a free video streaming facility. You can watch your favorite movies anywhere.


Cucirca is one of the sites like Couchtuner. Although, it is completely and absolutely to TV shows only. We understand, it is ‘boo’ for the movie fans. But at the same time all, the series lovers, it is a great site to use.

Cucirca has an endless collection of TV shows and daily soap operas to impress their fan base. You can find all kinds of shows. From the oldest TV to the newest TV. All kinds of shows, series and daily soap are there in the website.

Compared to Couchtuner, the site has no compulsion to make an account before starting. Although, it is recommended for the users to make an account. Since most of them are going to be series watchers, they will want to stay updated.


You don’t have to take this one’s name to seriously. Even though it mention movies, but the site is loaded with a variety of TV shows and series. The site is not very popular amongst the free streaming video sites. But it is so well maintained and their library is so good.

The site is very easy to handle and it has everything that a TV fan looks for. It can be a little hard to find some old movies and TV shows. But whatever comes new on the Television, is right there on it.

There is no compulsion to registration. One can directly access the sites and start streaming videos for free.


At last but not the least. The last best site resembling the Couchtuner is SideReel. It is a great site ot watch and stream free videos at. The site is great as Couchtuner. It has been able to manage its experience both online and on android devices.

The site provides the user with a lot many useful features. One can keep track of one’s favorite movies and TV shows. You can get a calendar regarding the upcoming interests. One can watch the ‘Week’s best movie’ or ‘Week’s best series’.

You can easily register on the site and keep a track of your favorites. Registering will unlock features like – recommendations, notifications etc. These features will be available on both online and android devices.

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