How to Save your game in Ghost Recon Wildlands?

The Ghost Recon Wildlands isn’t particularly an easy game to beat. This is especially the case when you are playing with your friends, and one of them messes your gameplan.

The game uses autosave feature, so you won’t ever need to worry about your progress being lost.

Adding to that, there are a large group of enemies along with random patches of enemy militia that can attack you endlessly.

To counter this, you should always keep your progress saved using the save games on Ghost Recon Wildlands. Thanks to Ubisoft, you don’t need to worry about, though. Since this game comes with autosave, you don’t need to worry about manually saving your progress at any given time.

At every checkpoint, GRW saves your game to your local hard drive and makes sure that your progress isn’t lost. You can know when your game is being saved when you see a small ‘Ghosts’ icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Do note that, you shouldn’t ever close the game when this icon is present on the screen because that is the time when the game is saving your game. If you close your game, chances are, that your progress might not save.

TL;DRYou don’t need to worry about manually saving in Ghost Recon Wildlands because the game has an autosave feature which saves your progress at certain checkpoints.

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