Fix Resident Evil re7.exe Has Stopped Working Error

During the last two days of playing RE7, I’ve got the re7.exe has stopped working error at least 5 times. I have checked my PC for any problem like unstable overclocks, unstability and have installed all the Windows updates.

But, the problem still persists. If you are also getting crashes in Resident Evil 7, then read this article for the fix.


Verify Cache via Steam

  • First, restart your PC and launch Steam.
  • In Steam, go to Library and right-click on Resident Evil 7. Go to Properties.
  • Go to the Local Files tab.
  • Click on the last button called “Verify integrity of game files“. Let Steam do its work.

The verification can take around 10-30 minutes depending on the speed of your storage disk. Be patient. This process will check each file of resident evil 7 for any corruption or errors. If any problems are found, Steam will replace the files with new ones. This is automated, so you won’t need to do anything.

Install C Runtime for Windows

During the installation, Steam automatically installs all the redistributables that Resident evil 7 needs. This doesn’t work correctly sometimes, though. Most of the 3D application require the C Runtime to work correctly in Windows. You can manually download and install the Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows and make the game run correctly.

After the C runtime is installed, try running the game to see if re7.exe has stopped working correctly error comes up.

Uninstall Windows Media Codec pack

Apparently, Resident Evil 7 uses 3rd party libraries to play the in-game videos during the game. And, this is evident from the fact that most of the time, these crashes happen when an in-game video is about to play.

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The crashing issue in Resident Evil 7 can be fixed by uninstalling the Windows Media codec pack or any other external codec packs that you may have on Windows.

If you have any of these codec packs installed, head over to the Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Features. Look for any of these in the list and uninstall them.

  • Media Player Codec pack
  • Class Media player
  • K-lite codec pack
  • Windows Media 9 Codecs

If you are worried about the playback capabilities of your PC, then install VLC media player which is far superior and works flawlessly without messing you with thousands of options like other codec packs.


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