Monster Hunter World PC Release Date

Monster Hunter World PC Release Date – Monster is one of the most awaited games for PC, arrived for consoles first, but was kind of a disappointment due to the lag and stuff. But all in all, the game is pretty good, you get to fight with monsters in an open-world.

Monster Hunter World PC Release Date

In Monster Hunter World you have to complete quests by hunting monsters in different habitats, after taking down these monsters you will receive resources and materials that you can use to craft better and powerful weapons that will help you kill even dangerous monsters.

The game has been launched on PS4 on Xbox already, the PC users have been left in the dirt. The developers have said that they are working on the port already, this won’t be a normal port they are working on a highly optimized port of the game so it runs better than usual and the users can enjoy at the fullest.

The confirmed date of release is not know yet, but a Tweet from Monster Hunter Twitter account said that they are working on the optimizations and the port will arrive sometime in Fall of 2018.

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