Kingdom Come: Deliverance Riddle Answers

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Solutions to All The Riddles – Kingdom Come is an open world RPG where you will come up with a lot of riddles time to time, even though these are easy to solve, sometimes you might not be able to.

While you are traveling through the Kingdom, you will meet a guy wearing a brownish hoodie who will ask you to solve a riddle. If you agree you can wager for the riddle, answering correctly once will double you bet. However if you answer the riddle incorrectly you will lose the coins.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Riddle Answers

Coin Purse Riddle: A man’s pouch doubles the amount of coins that are put in each day, when the number of coins reaches sixty, the pouch is full. How many days will be taken for the pouch to become full?

Answer: Fifty-Nine (59).

3 FatesThis riddle is about 3 men, named Truth, Falshood and Wisdom.

  • Truth – Truth always speaks the Truth
  • Wisdom – Sometimes speaks the truth
  • Falsehood – Always lies

Answer: Wisdom, Falsehood, Truth

The Nobleman has to pray for 8 hours: In this riddle, a nobleman must pray every day, every session of the prayer has to be two hours long. Now you have to answer how many hours does he pray each week at minimum?

Answer: Eight

These are the known riddles in the game as of now, as we get to know about more we will update this guide. Make sure to bookmark and follow us on all social media websites to stay updated with latest news.

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