Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Console Commands

Console commands allow us to make technical adjustments, the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers the console that you can put into use for better in-game experience. At the moment, not a lot of commands are know for the game, but we will make sure to update this list as soon as we get to know more. In the Alpha version of the game there was a command that allowed you to get unlimited money, sadly they have disabled it in the final release that you obtain from Steam.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Console Commands

We have already written a FPS fix guide for the game along with a error guide. You can use them to fix existing errors.

Let’s find out what the console commands are and how to put them into use. To activate console, press the tilde key (`/~) while you are in-game.

Get a Cursor for Bow and Arrow

Command: wh_pl_showfirecursor 1

The shooting mechanic of bows and arrows is kinda tricky mostly due the lack of crosshair. You can use this command to get a crosshair and you will get a dot that you can use for aiming without any problems.

cl_fov X

The game comes with default fov of 75, to increase it further, replace X with the number you want. We have already covered this command in our error fixes guide. You can read that here.

g_showHUD 0

Make use of this command while taking screenshots, to bring back the HUD put back the value to 1.

wh_cheat_money X (Disabled)

X is the amount of money that you want to receive. Get unlimited money using this cheat, sounds amazing right? – Sadly it is removed in the version that has been shipped now. The alpha version had this cheat, not sure they will allow the usage of this cheat again. I am pretty sure there will mods coming out soon for this.

Disable Antialiasing

Command: r_AntiAliasingMode = 0

If you don’t want Antialiasing turned on, just type this command in your console and that will be done. To turn back on type the same thing with value as 1.

wh_ui_showCompass 0

This command is used for hiding the compass that is displayed on top of your screen. Can be useful if you don’t find the game challenging enough. *It is challenging enough in terms of FPS for me boop boop*

e_ViewDistRatio X

This is the console command for draw distance, the game default value is 500. You can increase it to any number of your liking. I am not sure about the max value though, try it out and tell us using the comments section below.

e_ViewDistRatioVegetation X

Same as draw distance, but this time for trees, grass, bushes or anything that is termed as vegetation. Default setting for this is 500, try making it lower for get a little FPS boost.

e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist X

Default valued at 20, this console command is for grass animation. Eats up a lot of texture memory.

wh_ui_showHealthbar X

Value = 1 (Shows the health bar) / Value = 0 (Hides the health bar).

wh_cheat_addItem X (Disabled)

Get any item that you want in the game with this command. This command is also disabled in the version that is shipped now.

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I know some people might think that this gives people unfair advantage. As you might know that this is a PVE game, you don’t get unfair advantage at all, you should play the game as you like, there’s nothing wrong in enjoying. In the end, you play a game to enjoy, not to stress out.

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