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How To Convert .replay to .mp4 in Fortnite

How To Convert .replay to .mp4 in Fortnite – The recent update pushed by Epic Games brought the long requested feature for watching replays of your games. The replay system is really good, you can watch the whole game with different angles such as Third Person, Drone Follow & Drone Free.

Epic has said in their release notes that they use the same system for making trailers and videos for limited time modes and outfits that they release time by time. You can use Geforce Experience as well to record your gameplay but the one epic has made gives you much more control over your angles.

Convert .replay to .mp4 in Fortnite

Below are the features of the newly announced replay system in Fortnite.

Replay System Features:

Camera Modes

  • Third Person
    • Follows and orbits around the selected player.
    • 3 different follow modes: Off, Auto, Lazy.
  • Drone Follow
    • Drone style camera that always keeps the selected player in frame.
  • Drone Attach
    • Drone style camera that is loosely attached to the selected player.
  • Drone Free
    • Drone style camera that is free to fly around the island.
  • Gameplay
    • This camera shows what the selected player saw during gameplay.

Cinematic Settings

  • Auto Exposure
    • Exposure
  • Aperture
  • Focal Length
  • Auto Focus
    • Focus Distance


  • Name Plates
  • Player Outlines
  • Replay Region
  • Damage Effects

Steps to Convert

There’s not really a way to convert these files to .mp4, but there’s a workaround. The .replay files generally store information related to the game and the video is obtained from the server using that information.

  • Start Fortnite using the Epic Games Launcher
  • Go to the career tab, it will display all of your matches that you have played since the release of replay system
  • Select the file and view it
  • Use the settings bar given below
  • What you have to do now is, use a recording tool such as OBS, Nvidia Geforce Experience or Fraps

This is the workaround.

Updated: April 16, 2018 — 5:12 pm


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  1. i don’t want to wait 20min for that s*** lol

  2. Please delete this non-helpful information. Everyone knows how to record something if they want to. The title of your message here is how to “CONVERT” the .replay to .mp4 files. The reason why someone would want to do that is so that the folder containing the 50+ .replay files can be changed into .mp4 files so we can quickly open and pick which file we want to share with others, not open the game, find the file and then start another recording software to record a recorded file. This is broken backwards technology.

    1. I understand what you are trying to say, but the .replay is a information file and can not be really converted. The article focuses on how the recording can be done.

    2. It is still actually a conversion tbh. Maybe not a direct one but it kinda gets the job done. Having a “broken backwards” way is better than having none you see. 🙂

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