Destiny The Taken King – Grasp of Malok Farming Guide

Destiny The Taken King – Grasp of Malok Farming Guide – Destiny: The taken King is a very popular game. It is being played widely through the teen base. The game has a story of line of seeking revenge for a son’s death. It has great many levels and it requires time and patience from the player.

The ‘Grasp of Malok’ is a strike-specific weapon. It is an extremely useful weapon, especially after the patches made in November that increased the rate of fire in Pulse rifles. This weapon could only be obtained from the Will of Crota strike.

Destiny The Taken King Grasp of Malok – Farming Guide

In this article, we will try to understand how to claim this weapon from WIll of crota. It will help you get your own Grasp of malok in the Destiny: the taken king.

Grasp of Malok

As we now know, that Grasp of Malok could only be achieved from a WIll of Crota strike. You are bound to face Omnigul, Oryx’s right-hand. You must defeat him to obtain the weapon.

In order to farm this item, you will need a solid Fire team. You will have to be patient and be willing enough to put few good hours into the game. The pattern of RNG is unpredictable, so it is impossible to tell the exact number of wins you will need to obtain the Grasp of Malok.

It is suggested that you try to farm for the weapon, during the weekly nightfall strikes. Although, it is your wish, you can farm the weapon any time you want. But it said that is better to do it Nightfall. It is advised that you do it with more than one player.

Nightfall is a tough time with a lot of enemies. If you don’t do it with more than one player, then there are chances that you won’t reach the farm point.

It is known that there are two methods that can help you farm the strikes for the Weapon.

First Method – Way Through Strike

First, it is to simply make your way through the strike. Reach to the main boss. Kill Omnigul, kill the other enemies and claim your prize. Then rinse and repeat it to develop better farming methods.

Second Method – Farming

Second, farming method is to make your way to the rolling door. And then scan the door, once the door opens. You will need a Hunter besides Oryx. She will try to run and you will have to hunt her down. And then allow the Ogre to kill you.

These are the two methods that can be used to farm the Grasp of Malok. There are no other methods available to obtain the Grasp of Malok. You will have to go through the Will of Crota strike.

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