Game Dev Tycoon Guide: How To Not Get Broke?

Game Dev Tycoon Guide – Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation game. A player needs to replay the history of the gaming industry. How to do that? A player needs to make their own game development company in the 80s.

The company will produce new games depending on your skills and will create best selling games. The game does not end here, you will have to research new technologies and invent new genres of games. Your target is to become the leader of the gaming industry and make fans all over the world.

Game Dev Tycoon Guide

Your game will begin in the 80s and you will start out in a small room. You will gain experience and unlock a lot of options. And that is how eventually you will design the first engine. These initial games will have a major impact on your business.

In this article, we will help you understand the game. So, we bring to you a guide for Game Dev Tycoon. Here we go.

Things not to do

Living in the business world of developing games. There are certainly some things that a person should refrain from. So, to start he guide, let us discuss the things a that a person shouldn’t do.

    1. Creating two or more games with the same genre or topic consecutively in a row.
    2. Developing a sequel to any game within a period of a year.
    3. Developing large games with 2D graphics V3.
    4. Developing AAA game without 3D V6
    5. Developing a AAA game without having specialized employees

Best combinations for more productivity

It is a must for a good game to have a perfect combination of topic, genre, Audience and gaming system.

Here we will show you some charts that can be used to understand the best combinations amongst all.

Topics/Genres Chart

System Chart

Genre/stages charts (Single genre)

Genre/stages charts (Multi genre)


The game initially starts out in the garage. There are a lot things in the game to be unlocked. The first office is unlocked at 1M. Gradually you will get more upgrades with more money and more employees.

  1. Research unlocks

  • Target audience: Y3 M1 W1
  • Casual games: Y3 M11 – W1
  • Marketing : Y4 M5 W2
  • Sequels: Y8 M6
  • Multi genre: Y12 M8
  1. Lab unlocks

  • Hardware: After opening
  • Internet opportunities: After opening
  • MMO: After opening

Important points

Interviews: It is important that you always accept the interviews. You need employees who are good in tech and advancements. The employee crowd needs to be balanced. Be careful with the investments.

Training and regular development is also important in the game.

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