Stardew Valley | Things To Do Everyday In Stardew Valley | Daily Routine

Stardew Valley | Things To Do every day In Stardew Valley | Daily Routine – Stardew Valley is a very interesting indie farming simulation game. It consists of a plot where the player newly moves to the valley of Stardew. The player moves there to inherit the land left by their grandfather.

Initially, a player is provided with a few useful tools and purse of coins to get them started. Once they start the game, they are in a role-play situation. It is like they start living a new life. And they are supposed to handle it along with the farm.

Stardew Valley | Things To Do Everyday In Stardew Valley | Daily Routine

The game consists of certain things that a player needs to do on an everyday basis. These things are needed to be done to sustain the farm. Or all the progress made by a player could be lost. So, here are some things that a player should do every day.

Watch TV regularly

The game begins with the option to watch TV for a farmer. The TV consist of a number of things that one needs to know before starting the day.

Like, for starters, one should know about the weather forecast. If it is going to rain, then a player should refrain from watering their crops on the same day.

Planning like this will help you save a huge amount of energy for a day. And, energy is the second most useful resource for the whole day. You will also need to use forecast to plan to buy new tools when required.

Get to know your neighbours better

Stardrew valley also has a concept of introducing the player with their neighbours. It maintains the reality of the game and the interaction is an important aspect. While it is not a priority to interact with neighbours, but it is a bonus thing if you do.

As the interaction increases, you will get to know them better. Once you the bond develops over time, they give them new dialogue lines. And they subtly drop you hints of the kind of gift they would like to have.

If you know their preferences, it will help you get them better gifts. Gifts will help you become even more close to them. This relationship is important to make marriage and start a family with them. It is an important part of playing Stardew.

Start with a making chests

Once the game begins. Beginners find it pretty compelling to make dynamic changes. These changes consist of clearing the areas, buying and selling items etc. Beginners make this mistake of getting over-involved in buying-selling activity.

It is an amazing idea to make chests. They only cost 50 pieces of wood. These chests can hold on items in a great number.

Stockpiling is a very important aspect of the game. Sometimes you will need a certain item for a task or for personal requirements. And there is nothing worse than a situation where you need the item that you just recently sold.

Watch out for the travelling merchants and worms

Every time in a week, you will come across a Merchant in the Northwest side of Cindersnap forest. The merchant sells a number of off-season items and a lot of garbage too. So a beginner must be aware of the garbage and buy the offseason item if it is required.

Another thing to be on a lookout for is Worms. You will find them in a group of few. If you dig them with your hoe, you will get a book to cover the backstory of your library.

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