Solved: Destiny Refer a Friend Not Working | How to Send a Referral

Destiny Refer a Friend – ‘Destiny: The taken king’ is a widely appreciated game throughout the PS4 and Xbox 360 users. The game consists of a lot of adventurous tasks that will pull out your adrenaline bottle. It is a flight simulation game with exciting missions.

Destiny Refer a Friend

There is an additional feature in the game where an existing player can refer to a friend. Bungie’s Taken allows a veteran to send a referral request to a friend. This feature is used to recruit newcomers to the game.

The veteran and the newcomer can team up and finish the ‘A tale of two guardians’ mission. The mission completion awaits exciting prizes.

Requirements for the Referral

The option to refer to a friend will only appear in PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version of Destiny. If you have been playing the game on PS3 or Xbox 360, you will have to upgrade yourself to one of the mentioned platforms. Then only one can become a referee.

If you play longer than a period of seven days, then you become a veteran. Two veterans cannot form a team with each other. They will have to invite someone from outside of the game to form teams.

If broken into simpler terms. People on the updates version of Destiny are called the ‘Veterans’ and those who are not are the ‘Referees’. Veterans can invite the Referees

Sending a Referral

Sending a referral to a newcomer is not a tough task to do. The Veteran and the Referee will have to have an account on Once they do, they are qualified to send and accept proposals, respectively.

The veteran needs to log into his account on the And then, he can create a referral link to be sent to the referee. A veteran will have a dashboard to keep a check on the pending requests, accepted and rejected.

The link will take roughly an hour to show up on the Referee’s account. Once shown, you can go into the game. You can connect to the tower and pursue the referee to take up the quest of A tale of two guardians.

Accepting a Referral

If you are a referee, your job is quite simple. If you want to pursue the quest, all you have to do is accept the invitation. The invitation will be available in the Character inventory and then on the Roster tab.

It is a requirement to own the game Destiny: The taken king. You will need the game either on PS4 or Xbox one to continue with the procedure. You will need to have a PlayStation network or an Xbox live account. Console sharing isn’t possible.

If the referral does not show up or if you cancel the referral by accident. You will have to ask the Veteran to send it again. That’s the only way out.

Eyes on the Prize

Once the team completes the Tale of two guardians. They will be able to access the following: Elemental infinite edge, EV-34 vector infinite, Duo dance, High five, infinite link etc.

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