Destiny: How To Charge Agonarch Rune & Where Does The Rune Go

Destiny: How To Charge Agonarch Rune & Where Does The Rune Go – Bungie’s Destiny: The taken king is a widely played game on the internet. The game is an expansion to Bungie’s first-person shooter, Destiny. It is the third expansion of the game and people love it more than the other two.

The game revolves around the city of Oryx. Its story lies in a plot of revenge where the Taken King is seeking vengeance for his son Crota was slewing. A player must fight the Taken king and his army of Oryx’s aliens.

The game has a great graphical interface. The story that goes around the game is absolutely interesting. The game is loaded with ‘Player vs Environment’ and ‘Player vs Player’ maps. It is loaded with great weaponry and different fighting styles.

Destiny: How To Charge Agonarch Rune & Where Does The Rune Go

Agonarch Rune

Agonarch Rune is a special feature of the game. One has to obtain the feature in order to access a special event.

To obtain an Agonarch Rune, you will have to do certain steps. It will start with the player reaching the orbit, and choosing the dreadnaught patrol. The guardian will have to fight on the ship. A player must be aware of the hovering Taken orbs.

As you reach closer to the orbs, taken enemies will appear. You will have to kill these creatures and more waves are bound to come. Once you have finished three waves, a Taken opponent with yellow health will appear. Once you kill the hoe, you will obtain an Agonarch Rune.

Charging Agonarch Rune

To charge up the Agonarch Rune, you will have to kill Taken enemies for the next seven days. Every time you kill a Taken opponent, you get a charge.

After seven days, you will have a completely charged Agonarch Rune.

Charged Agonarch Rune

A completely charged Agonarch Rune can unlock a special event on the dreadnaught.

Once charged, you will have to head towards the Mausoleum and go to the far end of Chasm. Next step is to enter the hallways and then the Founts. There you will find a hole, reach its bottom and then make a right.

Once you are there, walk straight to the other end. You will find a tiny opening, enter the opening, obviously, being crouched. You will find a glowing terminal. Once you put the charged Agonarch there. It will launch you into the special mission on the dreadnaught.

The Site of The Event

With the Charged Agonarch left in the glowing terminal, leave the room. Then walk in the direction of a giant chamber with a chained platform.

The fight will begin and lot many Taken enemies will appear. You will have to defeat them all and you will have to defeat the mini-bosses.

You have to kill them in the same pattern as you killed them to obtain an Agonarch rune. Once they are all dead, brace yourself to fight the Zealot, the main boss.

Once you defeat the Zealot champion, a chest will appear in the middle of the room. You will need the Agonarch Rune to open the chest. Once you open the chest, the Agonarch Rune will disappear.

Then you become legitimate again to fight on the dreadnaught to obtain another Agonarch Rune.

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