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Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2 Full Shenron Wish List – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a game that would catch anyone’s fascination. It is not just a game that only Dragon Ball fans would like. It is a game anyone can indulge themselves into. People love playing it and it certainly is very interesting.

In the Xenoverse 2, once you have collected all the Dragon balls and you place them in the pedestal, you get a free wish. Now, the wish list is kind of complex. You may choose one and you won’t know what exactly are you going to get.

Here, we will try to unveil all the wishes that are possible and their possible outcomes. This list will help you choose better in the future.

Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2 Full Shenron Wish List

The list goes as follows:

  • I want money: If you choose this, you get Zeni. Enough to make the required developments.
  • I want to dress up: You get a crystal Battle suit outfit. The second choice would be from a Golden suit outfit.
  • I want a rare item: This can get you any of the strange accessories to be used.
  • I want a new ultimate attack: The first choice is Time skip, ultimate hits. The second is Ice canon or any players own major ultimate attack.
  • I want to get stronger: You get 6 echo soul devices. The devices will help you mix up souls.
  • I want a new super attack: First choice is flash fist crush cut and the second is Ice claw.
  • I want more usable characters: You will get more characters to select from. The people who use it, got the character ‘Hit’. His stats are pretty great. And most people find him amazing.
  • I want a second chance at life: You get all your stat changes and back. And then you hold the power to decide where you want to put them up and how.
  • I want medals: Well, you get 10 TP medals, if you want them.
  • I want to be drop dead gorgeous: Provides with the recreation of your character.
  • I want another new ultimate attack: This will take your dragon balls to minus. The attack works, although it takes your 5 KI bars.
  • I want to dress up more: It will give you a turtle hermit set.
  • I want a full stomach: It is weird, since it gives you 30 pieces of pudding to feed Buu. It will make him spawn more of his family members who can be put to work.
  • I want another new super attack: Dragon Flash bullet is the first move you get.

This is the wish list of the Xenoverse 2. So now we leave it up to you to make your decisions wisely. You won’t have any regrets now.

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