CSGO Sensitivity: How To Find The Right Sensitivity

CSGO Sensitivity – Counter Strike was found 14 years back. It’s gameplay development and fan following has been increasing since then. The new updates are loaded with new maps, characters and weapons. CS: Global offensive sounds to be even more promising than any other CS parts.  

In addition, CS: GO will introduce new game modes, matchmaking, leader boards and more. The popularity of the game was a surprise, when everyone started playing on the MOD. CS: GO has matchmaking support. This helps in setting up servers or making teams amongst community players.

CSGO Sensitivity

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The gameplay and the storyline of Global offensive remains the same. There are two teams: Terrorists and Counter Terrorist. The objective of the game remains to be the terrorist and counter terrorist trying to plant and defuse the bomb.

It is a first player as well as a multiplayer shooting game. There is a certain time limit in which the players try to kill each other in order to achieve the objective. Players are continually reborn once they are killed.

All the fans of CS:GO at one point or another must have noticed that mouse sensitivity setting is very important. A player needs to play the game at the level of their own sensitivity comfort.

In this article we bring to you the necessary changes that are needed to set optimal mouse settings.

Best CS: GO mouse settings

When you enter CS: GO mouse settings. You may find a lot options to choose from in the game. You need the best of all these settings. So, in our recommendation, a player should turn of the mouse acceleration and turn on Raw Input.

Turning off mouse acceleration will lead to smoother mouse control in the game, more accuracy. Raw Input is a risk measure, if by any chance your PC mouse setting change, your CS: GO setting will remain the same.

Sensitivity: Mouse DPI/CPI

DPI stands for Dots per inches and CPI stands from counts per inches. Together taken, they make polls per inches (PPI). They are standard of information that the mouse sends to PC for every movement it makes. It talks of the distance covered for every inch a mouse was moved.

One may think that high sensitivity is better. But to everyone’s surprise, the best of the players prefer playing on low sensitivity. The logic is quite simple lower sensitivity generates higher accuracy. And, accuracy in game is of utmost importance.

Crosshair settings

Crosshair settings is too an important way to move to optimal sensitivity. But you would hardly see a person using the default crosshair. Although, it is very good to begin with. But sooner or later you will form your personal preferences which is very understandable.

Crosshair make a lot difference in a person’s gaming style. So, you should try through them all to know which one suits you the best. Then choose the best one for you and stick to it and practice on it to make the game even better.

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