How To Craft Saviour Schnapps – Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Summary – Looking to craft Saviour Schnapps to save your game in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? – Continue reading to find out.

Saviour Schnapps is the alcoholic drink that you have consume in Kingdom Come: Deliverance to save your game. Saviour Schnapps is difficult to obtain and has a really important use in the game, we have already written the guide which you can use for unlimited saves if you don’t like the saving mechanic of the game. Each Saviour Schnapps costs about 1000 Groschen, which is very costly considering how hard it is to obtain these. You can always buy them, but every time you want to save, you’d have to burn money.

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How to Craft Saviour Schnapps

Before crafting this you have to prepare a few important things. Find an alchemy table first, then you will need the alchemy recipe for Saviour Schnapps which you will get when you start progressing in the game.

Ingredients to Craft Saviour Schnapps

  • Nettle (1)
  • Belladonna (2)
  • Some Wine
  • Herbs – can be obtained by scavenging the world or by buying from an Apothecary.

Now the steps for crafting

  • First pour the wine into the cauldron
  • Grind two portions of Belladonna with mortar and pestle and put them in a small plate
  • Now put one Nettle in the cauldron
  • Pull the Bellows six times, this will start the boiling of cauldron
  • Let the cauldron boil for two hourglass (game time)
  • Now mix the Belladonna in the solution prepared
  • Pull the bellows once again (3 times)
  • Let the cauldron boil again for one hourglass
  • Grab a phial and pour the solution into it.

That’s how you can craft Saviour Schnapps in the game. In case you don’t like how this works, you can always buy it from a trader, alchemist or Inkeeper. It can be bought for 100 Groschen, lowest price for this is 80.

Do let us know if you face any problem while crafting this resource. We will be happy to help you out in solving the problem. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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