Destiny: Court of Oryx Location Tiers Runes

Destiny: Court of Oryx Location Tiers Runes – The ‘Court of Oryx’ is a very big part in Destiny: The taken king. The court of Oryx consist of stolen and antiquated Runes, there will be a battle with the main boss. The court of Oryx is for the Tough-Hearted Person. You will need the firearm to enter the place and win.

Destiny: Court of Oryx Location Tiers Runes

Things to know about the court of Oryx

  • You will have to complete the Dread patrol and choose the level 35 Patrol to access the court of oryx.
  • You will find three statues in the hallways of the Court of Oryx. They signify three different levels of difficulty.
  • Make a fire team of your best men.
  • Communication between the fire team would be of utmost importance. Discuss the different damages.
  • The member who presents the Rune will receive the best reward.

Court of Oryx location

The court of Oryx spawns through the level 35 patrol in the dreadnaught. It will send you to the Hull beach region. Head forward and feel through the right wall until you break into a door. The insides of the door are lit, and the floor raises as you enter.

Go straight and then turn right to another door. Follow the hallway that will take you to the Hall of souls. This will take you outside, you will have to climb stairs and then find a cavern door. Go through it and then climb two more sets of stairs.

Once you are at the door, continue and then take a right. Then move down the hallway and take a left, this will take you to another set of stairs. Reach the top and there it is the court of Oryx.

Court of Oryx Tiers

In the current times, the Court of Oryx has three tiers. It is a matter of time that the Guardians continue to increase their light levels.

The time you enter the hallway of the court of oryx, you will find three statues. These three statues are of different kinds that take the fight into different tiers. The statue closes to the arena where the fighting takes place is the lowest tier.

The one to the next of it is the second tier. The statue at the last is the most challenging is the third tier.

Each tier requires a certain amount of light a specific type of Rune to be sacrificed to be summoned into the arena:

  • Tier 1: Light 190 – Reciprocal rune
  • Tier 2: Light 240 – Stolen rune
  • Tier 3: Light unknown – Antiquated rune

How to get Runes?

  • Reciprocal runes are practically very easy to find as compared to the other runes. All you need to do is complete the quests and explore the dreadnaught.
  • Stolen runes are the Runes that are a little difficult to come by. There is no certainty of the fact if these Runes are dropped off. But one can obtain them by completing the tasks on the dreadnaught.
  • Antiquated runes, are very hard to find compared to all. There are no precise ways to obtain these runes or no such information on how to. But, there are rumors of finding them in King Fall’s raid, they may also be dropped during nightfall activities.

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