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Sniper Elite 4 Low FPS, Crashes, SLI, DLC and Sound Issues Guide

Sniper Elite 4 is the new addition to the successful Sniper Elite series. Although, the quality of this port is very nice, there are a few quirks here and there. If you are one of the early adopters of Sniper Elite 4, you might face some crashes, FPS drops, and errors while playing the game. […]

Witcher 3 Save Location for Steam and GOG

Witcher 3 Save Data for Steam and GOG The Witcher: Wild Hunt is a story-driven, next-generation open world role-playing game set in a visually stunning fantasy universe full of meaningful choices and impactful consequences. In The Witcher you play as the professional monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia, tasked with finding a child of prophecy in […]

HITMAN 2016 PC Steam Save Files Location

Hitman 2016 Save File Location Hitman 2016 is the latest iteration of the overwhelmingly popular Hitman series of stealth action games. Developed by IO Interactive alongside the publisher Square Enix, the Hitman 2016 is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. OS Save Location Windows Steam\userdata\236870 Press Windows + R to open Run and copy and paste the above location in […]

Grand Theft Auto V Save Files Location in Windows

Grand Theft Auto V Save Files Location Grand Theft Auto V Save file location is simple to find in Windows PC. Once known, you can use the file explorer to browse the folder and mess with them. Make sure that you make a backup, though. OS Windows Save Location %USERPROFILE%\Dcuments\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\<your-id> About Grand Theft Auto […]

Ghost Recon Wildlands Skip Intro, 100% CPU Usage, Freezing Issues Fix

After lots of anticipation and a big beta release, the Ghost Recon Wildlands is finally here. The first impression of this game tells me that it looks quite good. Naturally, some people will have problems and issues while playing it on their PCs. The most common problems that people are having with Ghost Recon Wildlands are […]

Resident Evil 7 Graphics Optimization Guide FPS Boost

Resident Evil 7 has got a lot of options in the Graphics menu. I’m sure that you’d like to know what each option is for and how much it impacts the performance of the game. In this guide, I’ll discuss the various graphics options that are available to your in the game. Along with that, I’ll also tell […]

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