Best Online Anime Streaming Sites

Best Online Anime Streaming Sites – Anime is a word used for Japanese animated TV. Regular people will call them cartoons (especially your parents). But those who watch them know and understand and interpret them as something way more.

These animated TV shows include a number of famous shows. Like – Dragon Ball Z, Death note, Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, etc. People love watching these shows and they have a certain appeal in the audience.

Now, anime TV is not available on all the countries. So, people tend to online streaming sites to watch Anime.

Best Online Anime Streaming Sites

In this article, we will discuss a number of online streaming sites for Anime. The article will try to decide the best site for Anime watchers.


A lot of people know about KissAnime. It is the most widely used platform for online streaming for Anime fans. It has a number of amazing functions and features that makes it stand out from other online streaming sites.

There was once an incident that took place. The people who use the site regularly would know about it. The site’s server crashed and the remained under repair for the next 7 days. It has been repaired, although now it contains slight glitches and bugs since.

Even after all of that. The site remains to top the online streaming choice for Anime fans. The site consists of community, chat rooms, manga etc. There are options to surf through Anime randomly or genre based.

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It is one of the greatest Anime streaming websites when it comes to streaming for free. It is also considered as the best to stream free Anime in HD quality. There are only a few sites that provide HD quality in free streaming and none like 9Anime.

9Anime has a wide variety of categorisation types. It has categorised Anime into various types. You can surf through the shows randomly and also genre-wise. The genre lists date of release, language, top rated, suggestions etc.

The site’s appearance is quite appealing. It has a black background with a dash of purple at places in the canvas. There are subscriptions of any sort. You can just enjoy your favorite Anime without tensions.


Here is another great Anime streaming site. AnimeSeason is widely chosen by a lot of Anime fans because of its easy to use quality. The site comes pretty neat. The interface is clean and easy to understand.

The sites provide with a variety of options to choose from. It has different columns consists of the trending shows, most watched shows, full series lists etc. So you can keep up with the latest Anime trends.

The maximum number of shows available are subbed. So, it that is your thing, you will love AnimeSeason. It is a also great streaming site for its maximum HD quality videos and free of any charges.


So you are not a big sub Anime fan. Well too sad that there are not many sites available for dub Animes. But here is the best one from the available ones. Masterani has the highest number of dubbed Anime videos.

It has over 2500 dubbed Anime videos in HD quality. You can find new Animes in a recommended tap and the most watched Anime.

You can also search for Anime by genre. The search tool will help you greatly in navigation and accessing the shows.


The ‘privileges for survey’ thing has gone up greatly over the internet. Most of the Anime watching sites provide you with the videos once you complete surveys. And these survey methods ask up for your demographics, ergo invading your privacy.

AnimeFreak is different from these sites. It does not ask for any of such survey. It provides great number of dubbed and subbed videos, free of cost.

Like KissAnime, it also provides Manga readability.

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